Susannah brings such a dynamic energy, enthusiasm, and innovative intellect to all she does! 
— Ann Cramer, Coxe Curry & Associates
Through her fearlessness, sincerity and dedication, Susannah has inspired a generation of young Atlantans to become deeply invested in our city’s artists and arts institutions.
— Jenna Garland, MAILCHIMP
Susannah’s leadership has made the entire Atlanta Arts and Culture Community better. Her wonderful spirit makes her a cherished colleague. 
— Doug Shipman, Woodruff Arts Center
I’ve been a close colleague of Susannah Darrow’s for many years and have watched her propel our art community forward. She is unbelievably professional, passionate, and deeply rooted in Atlanta’s complex ecology. I am so thrilled to have her skill, consistency, and enthusiasm behind many of Dashboard’s most daring projects.
— Beth Malone, Dashboard
Susannah is who you want in your corner. She has a knack for developing innovative, strategic plans coupled with the ability to make those visions a reality. More importantly, Susannah is fantastically smart and a joy to work with!
— Karyn Lu, Four Winds Interactive
I love working with Susannah and her team. Susannah’s ebullient personality and her focus on details is the perfect partnership. No matter the challenge, she meets it with a smile, a can-do attitude and solutions! Susannah’s connections to all-things-Atlanta is also a plus. I look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to collaborate!
— Shalondra Henry, Moving in the Spirit